October 24, 2011 15:42 PM

2012 Budget Backed By Strong Celestial Forces, Says Astrologer

By Yong Soo Heong

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 (Bernama) -- An award-winning astrologer, R. S. Maniam, says the presentation of the 2012 Budget by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak from 4.07 pm on Oct 7 will bring about beneficial changes for the rakyat because its timing was supported by positive celestial forces.

The beginning of the presentation was at an auspicious time, including the transit of Venus into a superb position, he said.

Kota Bharu-based Maniam, who has been involved in astrology for the last 30 years and won the 2010 Nostradamus Award, opined that the announcement of the 2012 Budget was at a time when certain planets were aligned to provide a strong impetus for transformation.

"Moon/Jupiter/Mars/Venus were all in Chara Rasi, a cardinal sign that represents hastening transformation. These are dynamic signs. All the four cardinal or movable signs are involved with seasonal changes in the globe," he told Bernama.

Maniam, an assistant medical officer with the Kelantan Health Department, said this was the first time that he was analysing the Budget after reading many articles written about it.

"I decided to make an analysis and the more I looked into it, I reckoned that there are many favourable aspects for the 2012 Budget that are written in the stars," he said.

Najib had said that the 2012 Budget, which would further boost the national transformation programme encompassing the government, economy and politics, would also help fulfill some of his pledges to the people such as the one embodied in the principles 'People First, Performance Now'.

"While we make this transformation, it should be for the benefit of all Malaysians, not a handful. Underpinning this transformation is the promise I first made to you, the rakyat, in April 2009," he had written in his blog, adding that the government and the rakyat both want the same thing: to be able to enjoy strong and continuous economic growth in harmony.

Maniam, who had received the 'Jothida Kalami" award for his distinguished service in astrology from the Malaysian Astrological Society this year, said the red baju Melayu worn by Najib at the presentation of the 2012 Budget, also augured well for the prime minister.

"Red is the colour of Mars and that implies a strong sign that of an administrator," he explained, adding that the numerical interpretations of Najib's name and his parliamentary constituency, Pekan, also signalled auspiciousness for him as a leader.


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