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Cyber Scams Top the List Every Year

By Syamsiah Sahat & Rozlin Rusharmeen Rosmin

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- If you find yourself curiously drawn to that lucrative job offer, valuable grand prize or flirtatious message from that “handsome and rich” gentleman in your social media inbox, beware. Your desires are being “hacked”.

If you’ve been on social media for some time, you need to know by now that these are scams that thousands of social media users fall prey to every year.

Statistics from the Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) under Cyber Security Malaysia (CSM) revealed that since 2008, cyber fraud make up the highest number of incidents reported every year compared to other cybercrimes, indicating that the level of awareness of the issue among internet users in the country is still low.

A Bus For the Physically-Disabled

By Muhammad Basir bin Roslan

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- Ever come across a person on crutches or in a wheelchair, struggling to board a bus?

Persons with disability (PWD) often struggle with public transportation as some are not designed with PWDs in mind.

Hino Motors Limited, however, is cognisant of such challenges and has designed a low-floor minibus to cater to PWDs called the Hino Poncho.

Promoting a More Civic-minded Malaysia

By Ravindran Raman Kutty

The writer is an award-winning communications practitioner and a fellow of the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia.

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- One afternoon I reprimanded my daughter, who is a fresh graduate and has been driving for about three years, after she missed the 'Stop-Look-Go' sign on the road and did not have the courtesy to make a gesture of apology to the other drivers.

I then took the opportunity to talk to her about how badly we Malaysians usually behave on the road and that roads are the best places to test our patience and upbringing.

A few unsightly scenes that are not uncommon in Malaysia also sprung to my mind -- the nauseating and sorry state of our public toilets and playgrounds. Our apathetic waste management behaviour. Our cigarette-smoking citizens who think that everything from a drinking cup to dining plate is their ashtray. Those overzealous advertisers of properties, adult toys, loans or plumbing services who make use of every public utility pole or wall space to put forth their illicit and unsolicited advertisements.

Experts: Porn Causing Children to Become Sexually Mature Earlier

By Siti Fauziah Hasan

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- Easy access to pornographic materials, coupled with the curiosity factor, is leading to children attaining sexual maturity at a younger age and causing them to commit shocking crimes, according to experts.

They put the blame on parents who give their children free rein to do what they want with their smartphones and tabs and fail to keep a close watch on the content that they are accessing.

Last month, a 12-year-old boy in Batu Gajah, Perak, was remanded by police after he admitted to raping a four-year-old girl thrice since May. The incidents had taken place in the boy's house while the girl was in the care of his babysitter mother.