- Museums Helping Students Better Learn History
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Museums Helping Students Better Learn History

Last update: 15/03/2018
By Kurniawati Kamarudin

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- Museums are the keepers of a nation's heritage. When a museum is gone, it takes along with it the evidence of a nation's history, culture and civilisation.

That is why when war breaks out in a country, museums and historical sites become the one of the first sites targeted for destruction. This can be seen in countries like Iraq and Yemen.

This clearly shows the important role of museums in not only storing artefacts but as a platform for the younger generation to remember the nation's past and learn from it.

Unfortunately, in Malaysia, there is still very low awareness on the importance of museums. It is bad enough that it is regarded as one of the lesser important assets of the country, but what is worse is that it is also deficient when it comes to providing deeper insight into the country's history, culture and identity.

This ultimately impacts the level of patriotism among citizens as well as the development of the nation.....


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