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Malaysia can be model country if Rukun Negara truly embraced

PUTRAJAYA, Aug 26 (Bernama) -- If all the five principles of the Rukun Negara are embraced truly by the people, Malaysia can be a model country to the world, according to Sultan Zainal Abidin University (UniSZA) Board chairman Datuk Dr Mohd Nor Manuty.

Vat 69 Commando's wife: even the sound of police truck will send shiver down the spine

By Salawaty Supardi

IPOH, Aug 26  -- For wives of police force’s commandos, the sound of an approaching police truck or a whirring helicopter, would always send a shiver down their spine, especially during the pre-Independence and Malayan emergency era.

Trader dies after being hit by a tree branch in Jitra

ALOR SETAR, Aug 25 (Bernama) -- A trader died after being hit by a broken tree branch while riding his motorcycle near the Jitra-Kodiang traffic light junction, near Jitra, this morning.

51-year-old local man found dead in car - Police

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 25 (Bernama) - A 51-year-old Malaysian man was found dead in the driver's seat of a car in Taman Sri Bintang, Segambut, here this morning.

Angler believed to have drowned while trying to save son

KUALA PENYU, Aug 25  (Bernama) -- A man was believed to have drowned while trying to rescue his son who had fallen from a boat after being hit by strong waves this morning.

Girl disappears in Rajang river while bathing

SIBU, Aug 25 (Bernama) -- A seven-year-old girl, who disappeared when bathing in Sungai Rajang this morning with her father and cousin, has yet to be found until the search and rescue (SAR) operation was postponed at 6 pm.

Foreigners rob and flee with backpack containing USD101,500

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 25 (Bernama) - Three individuals lost USD101,500 (RM425,400) in cash to a trio believed to be Africans in Taman Ampang Jaya here, yesterday.