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Employers must make SOCSO contributions for foreign workers from January

Last update: 05/12/2018

M Kula Segaran
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5 (Bernama) --The Human Resource Ministry will make it compulsory for  employers to make contributions to the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) for the nation’s 1.8 million foreign workers from January next year 

Its Minister M Kula Segaran said the matter had been approved by the Cabinet, where a one-year period (from Jan 1 2019 to Jan 1 2020) would be given for employers to settle the outstanding compensation of their workers before the employees are registered with Socso.

"Beginning Jan 1, 2019, employers must make Socso contributions for their foreign workers and this involves the 1.8 million foreign workers that we have in the country, however employers will be given a one-year cooling period for them to settle the outstanding compensation of their foreign workers before registering them with Socso.

"Within that one year, Socso will also reach out to employers to assist them on payments regarding outstanding  compensation,” he told reporters after chairing the National Labour Advisory Council Meeting at the Parliament building today.

The meeting was also attended by the president of the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) Tan Sri Azman Shah Haron and the president of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) Datuk Abdul Halim Mansor.

Kula Segaran said that the ministry also planned to amend several  employment laws, adding that he would discuss with parties representing employers and workers before they (the amended laws) are brought up and presented in Parliament.







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