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Gpm #peduliyaman volunteers on humanitarian mission to Yemen

Last update: 12/02/2019
By Dhiyaulhaq Hamzah

CAIRO, Feb 11 (Bernama) -- Volunteers for the humanitarian aid mission dubbed #PeduliYaman organised by the Global Peace Mission are all set for their 13-day humanitarian aid mission to Yemen.

Syahrir Azfar Salleh, 32, and Mohd Asril Syahril, 24, along with Bernama News Channel (BNC) journalist Dhiyaulhaq Hamzah, 29, arrived here from Kuala Lumpur today and will be making their way to Yemen.

Syahrir who is leading the mission told Bernama News Channel that it had three key objectives, namely to deliver nutritious food supply, especially to infants and children, as well as to provide clean water supply to prevent cholera outbreaks, and medical aid.

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