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Carrier AquaEdge 19DV Marks A Cumulative Cooling Capacity Milestone

Last update: 25/03/2019
SHANGHAI, China, March 25 (Bernama) -- Carrier AquaEdge 19DV centrifugal chillers sold in the Asia Pacific region have achieved a cumulative cooling capacity of 42,000 RT since their launching in December 2016. With its excellent efficiency, performance and adaptability, this flagship product has a footprint in more than 10 countries, including Singapore, Australia, China, Malaysia, and India. It is sought after by customers and serves a variety of segments, such as data centers, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and commercial complexes.

The success of the AquaEdge 19DV relies on maintaining efficiency and reliability without compromising a commitment to environmental efficiency through ground-breaking technologies. These technologies include the two-stage compressor and oil-free bearing system solution. Its adoption of the environmentally sustainable refrigerant PUREtec R1233zd(E), a non-flammable and non-toxic solution with an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) of 1.34 (1,000 times lower than R134a) represents Carrier’s persistent pursuit of making the world a better place to live. In Singapore, 19DV chillers are in service in buildings granted seven platinum awards and two gold+ awards under the Green Mark Scheme.

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