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CS Global Partners: Dominica Expands Public Housing Programme, Funded By Citizenship By Investment

Last update: 18/04/2019
LONDON, April 18 (Bernama) -- The Government of Dominica announced last week that it has commissioned the construction of 32 new, affordable, and, crucially, weather-resistant homes for Bellevue Rawle families in the Roseau North Constituency as part of Dominica’s ‘Housing Revolution’. Once finished, the national project will count 5,000 new homes for residents across the island. Clearance of the land for the homes is currently underway and construction will commence within a month of the soil being tested.

Bellevue Rawle is not the only town benefitting from the housing project. 33 residential units for the village of Jimmit in the Mahaut Constituency have recently been announced and various developments across Dominica are either scheduled or already under construction. The homes will follow the same blueprint as previous units built by the government, which includes hurricane-resistant windows, roofs and wiring. Increased employment opportunities in the construction sector are also expected.

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