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Discipline puts Tok Gajah ahead over Perak

Last update: 09/08/2019
KUANTAN, Aug 9 (Bernama) -- The ability of the Pahang players to translate all aspects of their training enabled the team to chalk a 3-0 win over Perak in the Malaysia Cup match last night, according to their chief coach Dollah Salleh.

He said the victory which put the Tok Gajah squad at the top of Group C indirectly brought relief to him.

“The players gave their best in the game and they should be praised because they put into practice what was emphasised during training..they were disciplined when defending and during counter-attacks, put early pressure on the opponent.

"We also do set piece exercises during training and Alhamdulillah, it worked during the match and I hope this will continue in the next game," he told reporters after the match at Darul Makmur Stadium here last night.

In the match, Herold Mark Guolon scored Pahang's first goal in the 40th minute, followed by Saddil Ramdani in the 67th minute and the third goal by Lazarus Kaimbi (81st minute).

Although Pahang had scored six points through two victories, Dollah said the team could not feel comfortable yet as they have four more games more to play at the group level.


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