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Tinubu Square in final top 5 of Corda InsurTech Challenge

Last update: 30/08/2019

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 30 -- Tinubu Square, a credit insurance, surety and trade finance solutions provider has reached the final top five in the Global Corda InsurTech Challenge.

Organised by R3, an enterprise blockchain software developer, the challenge is a competition that rewards blockchain insurance startups and innovation investment arms of insurance companies, according to a statement.

Tinubu Square has progressed through a number of different rounds, initially competing against more than 60 companies, whereby entrants were asked to design a CorDapp that could be used to solve a unique insurance business challenge.

Through various activities including building a business case, developing a roadmap and presenting a live demo of the CorDapp, the entrants were shortlisted to the final five.

Tinubu Square is the only European company to have been selected as among the top five companies and recognised with an ‘honourable mention’.

The contestants will move on to the final presentation. The winner will be announced at the two-day CordaCon event in London, beginning Oct 23.

More information at https://www.tinubu.com.


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