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Lucidworks Predictive Merchandiser new feature makes search relevancy easier for retailers

Last update: 12/09/2019

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 12 -- Lucidworks, a leader in AI-powered search, has released the new Predictive Merchandiser feature for Fusion 5.0, making search relevancy easier for retailers.

“With Predictive Merchandiser, we’re freeing customers from the repetitive grunt work of having IT maintain business rules to let merchandisers focus their creativity on improving conversions, increasing revenue and delighting shoppers,” said Lucidworks chief executive officer, Will Hayes.

The new feature lets e-commerce product merchandisers optimise search relevancy, manage rules and analyse results without involving IT, according to a statement.

The Predictive Merchandiser solution provides an intuitive, easy to use interface to help merchandisers decrease bounce rates by ensuring the right products are displayed to shoppers.

In addition, the visual analytics dashboard provides insight into opportunities for better conversion and allows merchandisers to apply rules that pin, boost, bury, block and hide specific products.

With Fusion 5.0, retailers do not need to be experts in AI or machine learning to get insights from their data. The Predictive Merchandiser solution provides even more flexibility and intelligence to help digital commerce organisations deliver a highly personalised experience for customers.

More information at https://lucidworks.com.


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