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NTP to enhance safety, connectivity and accessibility for seamless journey

Last update: 17/10/2019
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 17 -- Strengthening enforcement to ensure adherence to rules and regulations is the main strategy in order to high up connectivity and accessibility for a seamless journey in all transportation modes in the country.

According to National Transport Policy (NTP) 2019-2030 book, the strategy that has been listed in the third policy thrust is also to improve the safety, service quality and reliability of the country’s transportation system.

Its main point is to strengthen the capacity of enforcement agencies through means such as intensive adoption of technology.

Multiple actions have also been listed, such as streamlining the penalty for traffic offences and strengthening joint enforcement for land transport, besides strictly enforcing safety regulations for land transport facilities and vehicles.

“Other actions will be enforcing stricter ICOP SHE (Industrial Code of Practice – Safety, Health and Environment) compliance, as part of licensing condition for commercial vehicles; intensify the use of technology in enforcement.

“Also, improving regulations for enforcement agencies and use high technology in promoting road safety whilst strengthening enforcement capacity of related agencies with regard to safety and security for the air transport sector,” the document said.

Meanwhile, the strategy to strengthen infrastructure or and intensify the use of digitalisation to improve connectivity, accessibility and acceptability for all kind of transportation modes is aimed at optimising the utilisation of transport infrastructure and facilities.

According to policy book, the objectives of the strategies are to enhance connectivity and accessibility of public transport to promote the modal shift from private vehicles to public transport moreover to provide intelligent and shared mobility for good and passengers.

“It also to ensure proper planning and implementation of sustainable public transport fares for the general public for it to be the first choice as a transport mode,” it said.


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