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LayerStack Reaches Milestone for the Major Cloud Platform Upgrade

Last update: 08/11/2019
HONG KONG, Nov 8 (Bernama) -- LayerStack, the fast-growing cloud computing service provider, is proud to announce a noteworthy milestone today that the company has launched its own-developed cloud orchestration and cloud control panel, which underlines the good market position and attractiveness of LayerStack, and providing all its customers with a more scalable, reliable, and flexible infrastructure around the globe.

The New Cloud Orchestration

LayerStack has concentrated its resources on product development in the past two years, successfully developed a new cloud orchestration with more stable and fully under control environment, in order to lower overall IT costs, free up engineering time for new projects, improve delivery times, and reduce friction between its system and development teams. At the same time, LayerStack is also satisfied with the results of the better IT management features to their data centers, such as availability, scalability, security, and optimal levels of infrastructure utilization.

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