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Viral news on Perak snap elections untrue - Nga

Last update: 10/10/2019
IPOH, Oct 9 -- A viral message that snap elections will soon be called in Perak following rumours of several DAP assemblymen leaving the party and become Independent assemblymen is not true.

State DAP chairman, Nga Kor Ming said this in a brief WhatsApp reply when contacted here today.

The viral message also said to wait for further developments on the matter.

At the same time, a letter, supposedly issued by the state Education Department, was also spreading around the same time, stating that approval had been granted to inspect schools for polling stations in the state from Sept 1 to Nov 30.

Meanwhile, another Perak DAP vice president Abdul Aziz Bari said there was no reason to dissolve the state assembly at this time as the state government was stable.

“There are many fortune tellers out there. Before this, I was also accused of planning a vote of confidence to bring down the state government,” he added.

Perak has 59 state seats, 30 of which were under Pakatan Harapan, comprising 18 from the DAP, Amanah (6), PKR (4), Bersatu (2), while the rest were Barisan Nasional (25), PAS (3) and Independent (1).


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