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Myanmar sends over 30,000 migrant workers abroad in single month

Last update: 12/09/2019
YANGON, Sept 12 -- Myanmar sent a total of 33,805 migrant workers to work abroad in August, according to the Information Ministry on Thursday, reported Xinhua news agency.

During the period, workers were sent to eight foreign countries, including 24,583 workers to Thailand, 7,866 to Malaysia and 761 to Japan.

The rest - 595 workers - were sent to South Korea, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Qatar, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population offered local employment to 28,982 workers. Of them, 28,366 workers engaged in the private sector last month.

Aiming at promoting the development of the country and help local individuals increase their income, the ministry has been offering local and foreign employment opportunities to the local workers through online labour exchange management system.


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