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Opposition Future Forward Party denies behind any street protest in Thailand

Last update: 03/12/2019
BANGKOK, Dec 3 -- Thailand’s opposition party, Future Forward Party denies being behind any street protests to oust Thai’s government currently lead by Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan o-cha.

However, its leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit said that he was concerned that the frustration and disappointment among the people is culminating every day.

He said the anti-government demonstration next month, which is planned to be in the form of a run, is an autonomous initiative started by the people who are not happy with the government.

“Let’s make it clear, we are not behind it. People thought I have control to gather people on the streets. I have no control.

“But I can tell you the anger of the people is real and tangible. The frustration is rising every day. If they don’t change, it is dangerous.

“We will see on January 12 next year. It is the first (protest) seriously organised against Prayuth,” he said at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand (FCCT) in Bangkok.

A running event – Run Against Dictatorship or Wing Lai Loong (Run to oust the Uncle) is scheduled to be held in January 12 next year, organised by anti-government activists.

Meanwhile, Thanathorn said that there would be no demonstration or street protests.

“The people are smart now. They learnt their lesson for the past five years that street demonstrations will only lead to chaos. In order to restore order in Thailand, we should respect our parliamentary system,” he said.

Thailand’s most prominent opposition figure, Thanathorn, 40, was disqualified as Member of Parliament after the court found him guilty of violating the election law.

He was found guilty for violating Section 98(3) of the Constitution by holding shares in V-Luck Media Company while being a candidate in Thailand’s general election in the March 24 General Election.

Future Forward Party came a surprise third-largest party in the election and became part of an opposition bloc. However, it faces dozens of legal cases from the police, the Election Commission and the Constitutional Court.

Meanwhile, Thanathorn claimed that there were attempts to dissolve the party including using fake news and misinformation to discredit the opposition.

“They are branding us as traitors and anti-monarchy, instilling hatred that divide the people of this country.

“We can see there is a clear attempt to stop us and to dissolve the party for real. It is a tangible threat as some sources said it (the dissolution of the party) could be as early as mid of this month,” he said.


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