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Prudent spending, Sarawakians' golden rule against rising prices

Last Update: 12/05/2019

KUCHING, May 8 (Bernama) -- In view of the inevitable rising costs of living, many Sarawakians are not only tightening their wallet but have also come up with creative ways to save money, especially in view of the coming Gawai Dayak and Hari Raya festivities.

 A survey by Bernama revealed that people somehow managed to make ends meet by spending prudently and apply some golden rules to manage their financial matters such as for food and other groceries. 

A housewife, Selia Jugas, 53, from Kanowit, said living in a longhouse since young had taught her how to be thrifty and properly manage her expenditure, especially as she had to travel by boat to reach the town.

“Normally, I plan my household budget by allocating RM400 to buy canned and preserved food like salted fish, which will last for one month and another RM150 for one week supply of fresh meat,” she told Bernama today.

The mother of five also saved money by growing her own vegetables in her backyard, which she said had provided her family with fresh produce free from pesticide.

Meanwhile, Syariah Law student Jah Adibah Jamain said her golden rule was to avoid spending beyond her means by making a meticulous price comparison particularly as there were hundreds of alluring promotions and discounts in every store during Ramadan.

The 24-year-old International Islamic University College Selangor student said she also spent less on food items by sharing food for the breaking-of-fast with her university mates, thus lightening her financial burden as an undergraduate. 

Entrepreneur Isabella Abdul Razak, 27, who runs a bakery from home, said her secret recipe was to separate her daily business expenditure and household spending.

The mother of two ensured she made profits by taking notes and do an evaluation of her business and personal cash flow every day besides receiving customers’ order on a daily basis.

Another housewife, Lina Eyak, 40, from Sibu, said, with her two children studying in universities, she had begun controlling her shopping habit and would make a list of things to buy so as to monitor her budget. 

“My husband and I set certain funds for our children's education and doing several jobs like selling sea products at Sibu Central Market to cover some expenses,” she said. 




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