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Angkasa targets RM1 billion sales from 2,400 school cooperative by 2025 - President

Last Update: 05/07/2019

By Adnan Mohamad

KOTA BHARU, July 5 (Bernama) --  The Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad (Angkasa) has set a sales target of RM1 billion from more than 2,400 school cooperatives in the country by 2025.

Its president, Datuk Abdul Fattah Abdullah, currently the total sales volume generated from school cooperatives nationwide stood at RM400 million.

The target could be achieved by putting in motion various plans, including encouraging schools through their cooperatives to intensify revenue-generating activities, he said.

“Actually we have a lot of plans to further strengthen each school cooperatives and will identify the activities to be carried out.

“Among the plans to be implemented in the future include taking over the management of the school canteen, setting up nurseries and tuition centres at school, among others. We will provide a platform and a comprehensive plan so that we could generate revenue for the school cooperative,' he said when met here, today.

For schools which have extensive land, they could engage in short or long-term cultivation where all revenue derived from the project would-be channelled to cooperatives and schools.

Abdul Fattah also said, based on the statistics, about 99 per cent of the more than 2,400 school cooperatives in the country are active due to proactive involvement of the students as the activities are included in the school curriculum.

The majority of school cooperatives he said, are involved in selling stationery and school clothes while 500 school cooperatives are involved in the retail sector.

“Recently, we have launched the planting of 600 coconuts trees on a six-hectare of land at the Pasir Mas Vocational College through the cooperative.

“Hopefully, in the next three years, we could generate revenue through wholesale or retail sales. What we know about the coconut market is encouraging, we could sell it as young coconut or processed it for coconut milk,” he said.

Next year he said, Angkasa expects about 50 school cooperatives to chalk up sales of RM1 million compared to seven cooperatives which generated that amount of sales as of today.

“We also want the relevant agencies to provide technical assistance as well as advisory services so that our projects can generate huge revenue for the cooperatives,” he said.

In the meantime, Angkasa would also recommend that the shares held by the student in the cooperatives to be increased to RM100 from RM10 while the teachers’ shares from RM100 to RM500.

The move according to him,  would enable all parties to enjoy a huge dividend payout.

Commenting on the take over of school canteen to be managed by the cooperative, Abdul Fattah said, apart from generating income for the cooperatives, it could also provide the opportunity for underprivileged students to work during rest time.

The opportunity said Abdul Fattah could also be used to expose the students about the business world, aside from giving a chance for teachers and parents to become a supplier to the canteens.



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