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RM10 durian stall in Tumpat is attracting the crowd in droves

Last Update: 14/07/2019

TUMPAT, July 14 (Bernama) -- With only RM10 the public visiting a stall selling durian belonging to a trader at Kampung Semat Jal here, can be happy bringing home at least 10 durians.

However, every buyer needs to arrive as early as 8am to get the coupon provided by the dealer to avoid any commotion.

According to the owner of the 'Pemburu Buah Group' stall, Shahmi Azani Mohd Tanazi, 26, he did so to give the public an opportunity to enjoy durian which has become the talk of the town.

His business concept of “fill your bag until it’s full” started over two weeks ago seemed to work and every day about 20 tonnes of durian were sold.

He said the people who had the numbered coupons one to 100 would queue up and when their names were called from 10am they were allowed to fill durian into plastic bags as much as possible.

Shahmi Azani said the durian supply was sourced from other states, namely Pahang, Penang, Johor, Kedah and Negeri Sembilan and since the sale began two weeks ago he’s never been in short supply.

"This concept was introduced to give the opportunity especially to the less fortunate to enjoy the fruit at affordable prices.

"When selling (durian) in bulk at low prices, it will definitely get an encouraging response and I am compelled to introduce the coupons to prevent them fighting and put senior citizens and pregnant women at risk.

"Six numbers (buyers) will be called simultaneously and they will have to pay RM10 first before being given plastic and start filling it up to full, and the durians can be between seven and nine per person," he said when met here today.

Not only durian kampung, the interior of the stalls are provided with various types of durian weighing from RM3 to RM25 per kilogram.

Shahmi Azani said besides that he also sold durians by weight like the Musang King species, D2, D13, Udang Merah, D88, Holo, D24, 1O1, durian kahwin and durian cikgu.

"I've been operating this business for 11 years and every durian season, this is the location to be.

"If for durian in bulk, it will normally be sold within an hour while durian by weight will be gone by late afternoon. All the durians are sold every day," he said.

He explained, his concept of sales has also attracted buyers from all over including Bachok, Ketereh, Kok Lanas, Wakaf Che Yeh and even Terengganu.

A buyer, Mansor Abdullah, 45, said his family was a huge fan of durians and was very fortunate to have run into a trader who was willing to sell durian this way.

Mansor said he had been looking for durian sold at a cheap price because he wanted to treat his family to durian served with glutinous rice.

“Thank God for this, my family and I are able to enjoy the durian at affordable prices,” he said.



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