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Cat discovers abandoned baby in the bush

Last Update: 22/07/2019

KOTA BHARU, July 22 (Bernama) -- A pet cat became a saviour when it found a baby girl with umbilical cord still intact believed to be thrown in the bush at Jalan Bayam here, today.

The owner of the cat, Mohd Norazam Che Wahab, 31, said it has become his daily routine to release his cat every morning in the vicinity of his home.

He said that as soon as it was released, his cat immediately rushed across the road as if it was looking for something in the bush at around 8.10am.

"Worried for the safety of the cat I too rushed across the road and suddenly heard a sound of a little baby.

"At that moment I thought ‘where did the voice come from’ because none of my neighbours had a baby," he told reporters here today.

Mohd Norazam said afterwards he and his cat continued to look around the bushes and found a baby covered in blood with umbilical cord intact.

He said afterwards he informed his neighbour known as Kak Dah to call the police and use a cloth to cover the baby.

"I believe the baby has just been born because there was still blood on her body.

“I can’t imagine what would have happened to it if my cat had not found it,” he said.

He said his neighbours did see a car parked at the area before 8am but did not expect it to be connected to the abandoned baby.

He said he was grateful for having saved the life of a baby who has now been taken to the hospital for further action.

Meanwhile, Kota Bharu District Police Chief, ACP Abdul Rahim Daud when contacted confirmed the matter and the police will conduct further investigation including trying to get any closed-circuit television recording (CCTV) near the scene.




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