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Amy Suzani a successful writer despite limited eye sight

Last Update: 24/07/2019

By Noornasrin Salsabila Othman

KOTA BHARU, July 24 (Bernama) -- Her left eye is totally blind while her right eye has poor vision, but this disability that she has endured since birth has never stopped Amy Suzani Mohd Ainuddin, 52, from becoming a successful writer.

The enterprising woman always looks on the bright side and strives to improve her writing.

Amy Suzani, who hails from Taman Bakti, Pengkalan Chepa, is a Bachelor of Arts degree holder from Universiti Malaya. Since starting out in her career in 1991, she has published over 300 books besides poems, short stories, novels and radio drama scripts.

“My passion is writing and I loved reading since I was in school, these hobbies encouraged me to translate my ideas into writing,” she said when met at her home here today.

Some of her published works are Lambaian Hijrah, Sirna Buana, Kasih Yang Tiada Penghujungnya, Bila Hati Terguris, Kembang Semusim, Bagai Ombak Menderu, Kasih Melukut, Senyum Untuk Mama and Apologi Kepada Alam. 

She uses an ordinary computer to write, but with her limited vision, she needs to zoom out the size of her monitor screen to 200 per cent and use a magnifying glass to type, re-read and edit her work. But despite the challenge, she is determined to never give up.

The mother of two, aged 12 and 11, said that at the beginning of her writing career, she tended to write on teenage fiction, but as time went on, she prefered children's literature.

“Most of my works are based on my own experience, observing the community and reading. It makes me happy when my children and others read my work and benefit from it.

“In terms of writing mood, I rarely start out with a draft because the inspiration and the ideas usually appear spontaneously,” she explained.

She added that she could complete a short story in just one day, while a novel usually took two to three months to complete depending on the story line.

“My latest work in progress is a children’s literature series titled “Tasya dan Aqash” as well as a radio drama script in conjunction with  the Aidiladha celebration titled Seindah Hati Adhana,” she said.

She also admitted that her writing career is not without hurdles and that in the early years, a handful of her works were rejected by the publisher.

There was a time when her book was printed without permission and some royalties were not paid.

“In life, we can never escape from reality. I believe that if you hit rock bottom, you can either stay down there or move on and I choose to move on despite these hurdles and be strong for the children and myself,” she said.

As a creative writer, she had won several awards including the Tokoh Akademik OKU (People with Disabilities) award in conjunction with the 2014 OKU Day celebration and the Tokoh Budayawan OKU award in conjunction with the Kelantan-level 2017 OKU Muqarrabun Day and the Tokoh OKU Kelantan award in conjunction with the 2019 Sayyidatina Khadijah Day organised by the state government.




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