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FAM censures PFAMove RM6.4 million salary arrears claim

Last Update: 06/08/2019

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 (Bernama) -- The Football Association of Malaysia today took the Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) to task over its claims that several football teams in the country were still owing players’ salaries amounting to RM6.4 million.

FAM secretary-general Stuart Ramalingam, in a statement, described PFAM's claims, made by its chief executive officer Izham Ismail, as irresponsible. 

He said Izham did not clarify what was the real situation behind the salary arrears claims for some of the teams he (Izham) mentioned.  

“For the record, not all the teams that were mentioned had failed to do anything at all to resolve the salary payment issues. To issue a public statement like that is unprofessional and can create problems. 

“In fact, it clearly goes against all efforts taken by some of the teams to resolve the issue with their players in an amicable manner, and with PFAM too.

"Several teams mentioned in PFAM's statement contacted me after to voice their regret over the claims,” he was quoted as saying in the statement today. 

Izham in his statement yesterday named Melaka, Kelantan, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang as some of the teams that are still keeping mum over the issue of unpaid salaries despite having promised to settle them as soon as they receive their broadcasting rights grants from Malaysian Football League (MFL). 

According to Izham, the Armed Forces, Police and Felda United teams which pledged to settle the arrears in instalments also failed to do so.

Commenting on the claims with regards to Negeri Sembilan and Pahang, Stuart said: “FAM records show that Negeri Sembilan have no case pending with the FAM or the International Football Federation (FIFA) while Pahang have no case with the FAM either.”

"There was only one case brought to FIFA, but even then the salary arrears issue have been resolved by the Pahang Football Association. Even if there are other cases, they either have not been reported or yet to be decided by FAM or FIFA,” he said.

Stuart also clarified the situation on Melaka, Police and Kelantan, also named as teams who owed players salaries.  

“As for the Melaka Football Association (MUSA), there are only three unresolved (arrears) cases and waiting to be decided. They involve G Puaneswaran and two cases with FIFA involving Tiago Gomes and Lee Chang-hoon.

"As for Police, they have informed that they have settled the 2018 arrears last February through deductions from the team's annual grant,” he added. 

In view of these developments, FAM reminded PFAM to be more careful when issuing statements so as not to create negative perceptions and confusion. 

“"PFAM should not be issuing such statements publicly without first offering solutions or by being fair to all local football stakeholders. The issue needs to be resolved with the cooperation of the clubs and stakeholders as well,”Stuart said. 



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