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Expressing respect for national flag in making headgear

Last Update: 23/08/2019

PEKAN, Aug 23  -- Using a specially ordered patterned lace and ‘bawal’ shawl with the national flag motive as the main materials was the way a headgear maker expressed his respect for the Jalur Gemilang.

Mohd Nur Hadi Zainudin, 34, conceded that he did not feel comfortable using the Jalur Gemilang, despite it being easier, resulting in him seeking an alternative including combining red, blue, white and yellow cloths.

However, he said that it was quite troublesome prompting him to eventually shift to bawal hijab with the Jalur Gemilang motive which was popular lately and ordering lace at RM150 for 138 metre.

‘’I will not use a real flag. I feel guilty when I have to cut the flag to get the shape and pattern I want. This is my stand..other people’s way may differ,’’ he told Bernama when met at his house in Kampung Pandan here today.

Mohd Nur Hadi said that he received 100 orders for headgears with the Jalur Gemilang theme this year from several government departments for use at the National Day celebration.

Mohd Nur Hadi, who learned to make the headgear last year, said that he received orders for the ‘Mahkota Alam’ and ‘Ayam Patah Kepak’ headgears but knew how to make almost 30 types of headgears.

‘’Making a headgear needs patience and care. About 15 minutes are needed to make a headgear depending on the material and the difficulty of the bindings of the headgear ordered,’’ he said.

Despite challenging, Mohd Nur Hadi admitted that he felt satisfied upon seeing his clients happy with his handiwork and also felt proud when his headgears were worn by national leaders and important people.

The full-time headgear maker said that he received an average of 10 orders a month with each sold from RM50 to RM120.

‘’The order jumps during festive seasons whether Aidilfitri or Aidiladha especially since lately because donning the headgear is becoming more popular largely in August in the light of the National Day celebration.



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