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Don't be duped by guarana cultivation project in Sabah - Junz Wong

Last Update: 26/08/2019


KOTA KINABALU, Aug 26 (Bernama) -  Sabah Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Junz Wong, has reminded the public and especially farmers, not to be deceived by the guarana cultivation project in the state.

He added that the ministry had not as yet approved any application to bring the guarana plant to Sabah.

Wong in a statement today reiterated that the ministry through the Agriculture Department had never approved the application to import guarana seeds to Sabah. Therefore, any guarana cultivation in the state was through the illegal import of the seeds.

He was commenting on the circulation of the ‘Application for Participation in the Guarana Plantation Project’ form using the letterhead of the Sabah Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Association (Pintas).

Wong said that guarana was currently not included in the list of crops promoted as “economy generators” adding that any new crops that were introduced would need to go through the research, development and commercialisation process.

He said the Quarantine Act 1976 and the Plant Quarantine Regulations 1981, had established procedures for bringing in the guarana which were subject to certain conditions and which required the Plant Import Permit. 

Wong reminded the public to contact the Sabah Agriculture Department if they were in doubt or required more information about the guarana.

Guarana is a herbal plant from South America that has stimulant properties. Its seeds contain about twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee seeds.







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