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Melaka APM prepared for monsoon

Last Update: 27/10/2019

MELAKA, Oct 27 -- The Melaka Civil Defence Force (APM)’s staff and assets are prepared to face the northeast monsoon or the 2019/2020 monsoon season, said its director, Lt Col (PA) Effendy Ali

He said 150 members are ready to be mobilised to conduct operations should disaster strike and almost another 200 support members will be mobilised to provide assistance at the disaster evacuation centres as well as after the disaster.

He said assets such as trucks, ambulances, and light rescue vehicles were ready to be put to use.

“The light aluminium boats and the inflatable boats are also ready to be used during disasters.

“The public are advised to always be alert to their surroundings during the monsoon season and be prepared for three phases of disaster - before, during and after,” he said in a statement here today.

He said the public must know the history of floods in their areas, check the water outlets or drains to make sure they are not clogged, be prepared to turn off the main electricity switch and water supply valve, find out about the disaster evacuation centres and keep their important documents or essential iitems including medicines in a bag which is ready to be carried at any time.

He said members of the public must quickly report a disaster or emergency to the Melaka Tengah district APM Operations Control Centre at telephone number 06-2324028, Alor Gajah (06-5568010), Jasin (06-5294619), Masjid Tanah (06-3848184), Selandar (06-5251309), Melaka State Disaster Operations Room (06-3333333 / 06-2322120) or emergency services line (999).




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