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Chinese national pays RM400,000 for MyKad, Malaysian passport 

Last Update: 30/10/2019

GEORGE TOWN, Oct 30 -- A businessman from China told the High Court here that he has to pay RM400,000 to own a Malaysian passport and an identity card.

Wang De Qun, 58, said he agreed with the payment and wanted to have a Malaysian citizen passport to facilitate investment and business dealings in this country.

"I want to have a valid passport in this country to facilitate my business as I faced difficulties entering Malaysia,” said the prosecution witness in the deposition proceedings on the case of six individuals including Penang National Registration Department (JPN) assistant director Mohd Faizul Arifin, 34; Mohd Faizal Tan Abdullah, 66; Yap Cheng Wah, 43; Loh Chan Cheong, 34; Chien Guan Chai, 36, and businessman Datuk Lai Chin Wah, 56 who are facing charges of issuing and selling a birth certificate and an identity card illegally to a foreigner.

Wang who gave his statement in Mandarin which was translated into bahasa Melayu, said he was carrying a resort business and was a contractor in this country.

In his statement, Wang said he was introduced by a Thai man known as Liwge who told him of a way to acquire Malaysian citizen passport and for the purpose, his finance manager paid RM200,00 advance to the Thai man.    

"I told Liwge, I want the passport for the purpose of investment as available in Australia and Africa and I wanted a valid Malaysia passport,” said Wang who is holding two passports, China and Vanuatu with the Malaysian passport under the name of Ewe Chor Beng.

He said to obtain the passport, he was introduced to and met the accused, businessman Datuk Lai Chin Wah, 56, in December last year.

"In the meeting with Lai, I was brought to a hotel. After that I was brought to a government building. There, I was brought to the room of an officer on the third floor where I was told to sign several pieces of documents which I do not know of the content but I believe it is a valid transaction relating to my passport application,” said Wang who confirmed and identified in court the officer referred to as JPN assistant director Mohd Faizul.

The witness said after that he was also brought to another building for thumb print and to have his picture taken. After that, Wang said he was again brought by Lai to the hotel and waited for several hours there and was later shown a copy of the document which has his picture.

The witness said he later returned to China and in February this year, Lai contacted him to say his passport was ready. The witness said he later came to Penang and in the meeting, Lai showed him an identity card bearing his picture.

"At that time, I thought I have obtained the passport but it was only a card and the accused told me it was a card (Mykad) needed to apply for passport.

The following day, I was brought to the same government building for all other procedures to obtain a passport and later returned to my country,” he said.

Wang said in March this year, Lai again contacted him and announced his passport was ready. The witness went to Penang again to meet Lai to collect the passport.

“After obtaining the passport that night, the accused (Lai) brought me Thailand and returned to Malaysia the next day to try out the passport. There were no complications and the exit and entry proceeded smoothly,” he said and later handed over RM200,000 to Lai. 

Wang said after the passport had been resolved, Lai said he would want to cooperate with him in business and asked him to take Malaysian driving license and the witness agreed and sat for the test to obtain a driving license.

Justice Datuk Akhtar Tahir set tomorrow for the witness to continue his statement.

Mohd Faizul, Mohd Faizal Tan, Yap, Loh and Chien all pleaded not guilty to two charges under Section 26E of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007 (Act 670), while a businessman, Datuk Lai Chin Wah, 56, pleaded not guilty to three similar charges.

Mohd Faizul faced two charges for fraudulently issuing a birth certificate and an identity card under the name of Ewe Chor Beng to facilitate smuggling of a migrant at the Penang NRD Headquarters, Bangunan Persekutuan, Jalan Anson, here between January and February 2019.

Mohd Faizal Tan, Yap, Loh and Chien were charged with two counts each of selling a birth certificate and an identity card under the same name (Ewe Chor Beng) in the George Town area during the same period.

Lai was charged with three counts of selling a birth certificate, an identity card and a passport under the same name in George Town between January and March 2019.

Section 26E of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007, provides for an imprisonment of up to 15 years and fine of not less than RM50,000, or both, if found guilty.



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