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Tanjung Gelam beach rescued dolphin found dead this time

Last Update: 15/12/2019

KUALA NERUS, Dec 15 -- “From a distance I thought it was a rusted iron piece, as it was long and reddish, but after a closer look I was really surprised to find a dolphin's carcass,” said a 14-year-old Ahmad Nasrul Hazim Ahmad Rahimi who discovered a dead dolphin at the Tanjung Gelam beach here.

Ahmad Nasrul and two other friends stumbled upon the carcass noon yesterday.

“We took some pictures and then returned home to tell our families.

“But when I returned this morning, it was not here (the beach) anymore,” he told Bernama today. 

Meanwhile, Rantau Abang’s Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) marine mammal branch chief Mohd Tamimi Ali Ahmad confirmed that the carcass was the same dolphin found stranded last Thursday (Dec 12).

He said the state fisheries department had disposed it according to standard operating procedures (SOP) by burying it yesterday with the help from the villagers.

Last Thursday, a group of seven marine biology students from University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) rescued a dolphin stranded on the beach.

They rushed to the site after receiving a call from the villagers and it took them about five minutes to move the dolphin to deeper waters.

Upon discovery, there was a small cut on its head and the dolphin eventually was able to swim back to sea. 

“The dolphin has already suffered injuries when it was found beached the first time and could not withstand the strong tides of the monsoon season to return to the school it probably got separated from.

“Perhaps it suffered internal organs injuries caused by food that could not be digested such as a fish bone or plastic. Dolphins would also naturally swim to land if they are about to die,” he said.

Mohd Tamimi explained that no post-mortem was conducted on the carcass as the dolphin had been dead for more than 24 hours and its internal organs had begun to rot. 



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