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Uzbekistan's action strategy sees positive outcomes

08/04/2021 11:50 AM

KUALA LUMPUR, April 8 -- Uzbekistan is seeing positive outcomes from the efforts taken to strengthen the rule of law, reform its judicial and legal system, protect the citizens’ rights, and combat corruption through a strategically important development programme, the Action Strategy 2017-2021.

According to a statement authored by Uzbekistan's Development Strategy Center's Executive Director Eldor Tulyakov and the centre's head of department Nilufar Nodirkhonova, in 2020 Uzbekistan carried out large-scale work in the direction of the Action Strategy goals and is proud of the achievements in 10 aspects.

Among them, the action saw 50 thousand stateless persons residing in the country given Uzbekistan citizenship when the law "On Citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan" was adopted.

By gaining citizenship, the stateless persons now fully enjoy political rights and participate in electoral processes as citizens of the state, said the statement sent to Bernama by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Malaysia.

Another notable achievement is that Uzbekistan amended the legislation to ensure the judiciary's true independence, increase the court's authority, and democratise and improve the judicial system.

Also, new procedures were established with investment disputes and competition matters now going to economic courts. Reforms also expanded the powers of the Business Ombudsman to participate in litigation.

In meeting the needs of the population for better qualified legal services, better legal training including through distance learning has been organised.

In further strengthening human rights guarantees, Uzbekistan will introduce the preliminary hearing institution and the institution of plea bargaining, the statement added.

Under the Action Strategy, systematic work on combating corruption continues with an independent state agency created specifically for tackling corruption with the agency also playing a role in establishing and implementing state policies to prevent and combat corruption.

One of the main tasks of the agency is to conduct an in-depth analysis of areas with a high level of corruption and eliminate the causes and conditions that lead to corruption offences, it added.

Together with civil society institutions, the agency organises the formation of the National Corruption Perceptions Index, which assesses corruption in regions, sectors of the economy, and other spheres.

These reforms under the Action Strategy have been closely monitored by international rating agencies whereby under The Rule of Law index, Uzbekistan ranked 94th out of 128 countries in 2019 and climbed to 92nd place in 2020.

In terms of the "Order and Security" indicator, Uzbekistan recorded the best result, taking 9th place.






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