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Love for Islam helps Orang Asli overcomes challenges as missionary

Last update: 09/11/2019
IPOH, Nov 9 -- Despite the hardship and challenges, a Muslim convert Arifin Long Chor continues with his missionary work preaching Islam to the Orang Asli community.

Arifin, himself an Orang Asli from Kampung Gentes, Pos Piah, Sungai Siput near here, said he was able to overcome all the challenges over the past 20 years because of his love for Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

Now aged 43, Arifin, who is from the Temiar tribe said he and his family practised Bahai and Christianity before converting to Islam in 1991.

"We were believers of various religions before until an ustaz (Islamic reliogion teacher) began to frequent our village to teach about Islam. We received the guidance and embraced Islam," he said when met by reporters at the Perak State Maulidur Rasul Celebration here today.

Ariffin was the recipient of the Preacher Award and received RM3,000 and a certificate, which were presented by the Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah.

Arifin, who has eight children, was accredited as a preacher by the Perak Islamic Religious Department (JAIPk) when he was pursuing religious studies at a pondok school in 2000.

Thus far, he said, he has helped 200 Orang Asli in four villages in Sungai Siput, namely Kampung Gentes, Kampung Teras, Kampung Piah and Kampung Kembok, to embrace Islam.

On the award received today, Arifin said: "I am very grateful for this award and will continue my missionary work to get more Orang Asli to embrace Islam”.


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