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Merdeka-inspired 'Tanjak' popular ahead of national day celebrations

Last update: 24/08/2019
SHAH ALAM, Aug 24 -- Inspired by the brisk sale of Jalur Gemilang scarves ahead of the National Day celebrations, Mohd Zaim Hakimi Mohamad Zin decided the men folks too could show their patriotism by donning the popular traditional head dress or tanjak.

Mohd Zaim Hakimi, 25, from Merbok Kedah said so far he has sold about 30 pieces of the Merdeka-inspired head gear, which is making a comeback among young people.

“Previously I used the Jalur Gemilang flag and just shaped and folded it into a tanjak but as the material is too soft it did not hold well.

“This year I have the Malaysian flag design embossed on a special material to make it stand better thus adding elegance and grace to the wearer, Mohd Zaim Hakimi told Bernama when met at his home recently.

According to Mohd Zaim Hakimi, he had always loved the traditional head accessory and began taking a serious interest in the production of this Malay clothing heritage while pursuing his studies in UiTM.

He also sought the advice of tanjak expert makers in Kedah, Perak and Selangor before venturing into the business early this year.

“Sale had been very encouraging and this year alone I have sold over 1,000 pieces,” he said adding the price ranges from RM69 to RM300 a piece.


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