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Floods worsen in Kelantan

Last update: 03/12/2019
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2 -- Kelantan saw an increase in the number of flood evacuees tonight while Terengganu registered a slight drop.

The number of evacuees in Kelantan rose to 10,078 as of 8 pm, up from 8,550 as of 4 pm today.

In Terengganu, the number of evacuees dropped to 4,908 from 5,591 this evening.

The InfoBencanaJKIM application showed that the Pasir Mas district in Kelantan had 5,751 evacuees in 28 relief centres; Kuala Krai had 1,128 evacuees in 16 centres; Pasir Putih, 784 evacuees in eight centres; Kota Bharu, 723 evacuees in five centres.

Tanah Merah, 639 evacuees in 13 centres; Bachok, 190 evacuees in two centres; Machang, 210 evacuees in six centres; Jeli, 179 evacuees in two centres and Tumpat, 474 evacuees in three centres.

The website showed that the levels of several rivers have risen further as at 8 pm.

The level of Sungai Golok in Rantau Panjang, Pasir Mas, was at 10.61 metres, up from 10.45 metres as at 4 pm and above the danger point of nine metres.

Its level in Jenob, Tanah Merah, was 23.72 metres (above the danger point of 23.5 metres) and in Kuala Jambu, Tumpat, 3.10 metres (2.5 metres).

The level of Sungai Kelantan at the Guillemard Bridge was 16.36 metres (16 metres) and at Kuala Krai, 24.39 metres (above the warning point of 22.5 metres) while the level of Sungai Lebir in Tualang was 32.44 metres (above the warning point of 31 metres).

Two rivers have breached the alert level, Sungai Galas in Dabong, Kuala Krai, at 34.53 metres (32 metres) and Sungai Kelantan at Tambatan Diraja, Kota Bharu, at 3.83 metres (3 metres).

In Terengganu, State Civil Defence Force director Lt Col Che Adam A Rahman said Besut has 1,879 evacuees in 51 centres; Setiu, 1,435 in 26 centres; Hulu Terengganu, 889 in 16 centres; Dungun, 403 in 10 centres; Marang, 121 in four centres and Kuala Nerus, 157 in five centres.


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