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Malaysia Has High Cancer Mortality Rate

By Ainul Huda Mohamed Saaid

The mortality rate among cancer patients in Malaysia is at 61 percent, a relatively high figure considering the nation's modern health facilities. This first of two articles on this issue examines the reasons behind the high mortality rate.

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- Although Malaysia prides itself as a fast-growing nation with modern health facilities, the mortality rate among cancer patients is relatively high.

Malaysia’s 61 percent cancer death rate has placed it amongst the poor outcome group countries, alongside Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Cancer incidence in this country is also at a worrying level – in the absence of other causes, one in 10 males and one in nine females are at risk of developing the disease.


Are Methadone Treatments Getting Less Popular?

By Kurniawati Kamarudin

The methadone drug replacement therapy, known as MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment), has been used in this country since 13 years ago to help opioid addicts start a new life, free from drugs. These series of articles will delve into the efficacy of the treatment and its effects on addicts. This is the first of a three-part series.

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- There was some debate when the drug replacement treatment methadone was introduced in 2005.

The confusion was over whether the drug, delivered in the form of a syrup to recovering addicts, was merely replacing one addiction with another. This was because patients would need to take their methadone prescription on a daily basis.

It has been 13 years since the Health Ministry (MoH) implemented the treatment in public and private clinics as well as several other government facilities. What is now evident is that the methadone has helped cure addicts of their addiction to illegal opioids.


All Dolled Up in Traditional Malay Attire

By Erda Khursyiah Basir

JOHOR BAHRU Bernama) -- Craft maker and entrepreneur Elmi Samanhudi is always on the lookout for creative ideas to diversify her products.

When this 32-year-old talented drawer from Kempas, here, ventured into craft-making seriously in 2016, she was designing and making her own range of brooches and other accessories for the hijab.

Realising that there was a good market for Malaysian souvenirs, she then started making her own traditional Malay dress-themed decorative fridge magnets, wall decorations and bookmarks that were marketed under her brand Vinca Label.


Why is India Complaining About Its Milk?

By Shakir Husain

Bernama's correspondent in New Delhi Shakir Husain shares his take on the happenings in India.

NEW DELHI (Bernama) -- A new milk brand in India is dissing its rivals in newspaper advertisements over the quality of their milk.

The new producer essentially says people in India are drinking spurious milk and promises that its own product is pure.

Whether consumers take this brand's marketing campaign at face value or not is debatable, but what is unquestionable is that milk and dairy products in India score worryingly low on quality.


Latest PET-CT Scanner Now Available At IJN

By Norhayati Mohd Akhir

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- The National Heart Institute (IJN) is now equipped with the PET-CT (Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography) imaging modality to provide accurate diagnoses of cardiac conditions and cancer.

The PET-CT scanner is a contribution from Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB) under the government-linked investment company's corporate social responsibility programme.

"Our collaboration with PNB has enabled IJN to own a PET-CT scanner with the latest technology from abroad that can generate more precise and detailed images of the targeted organ," IJN consultant cardiologist Datuk Dr Ahmad Khairuddin Mohamed Yusof told Bernama in an interview recently.


Zhaw, Crocodile Handler

By Hamdan Ismail

LANGKAWI (Bernama) --When Aungkya W Zhaw told his mother and wife that he would be going to Malaysia to train crocodiles, they asked if he had gone mad.

However, Zhaw, 34, left his homeland of Myanmar a decade ago to do just that. Today, he is one of the six crocodile handlers at the Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi, a crocodile farm in Jalan Teluk Datai, here.

“I have been working here for four years now. I previously worked in a crocodile farm in Kuantan, Pahang for six years,” he told Bernama when met recently.


Reject Conflicts, Enhance Unity

By Nur-ul Afida Kamaludin

KUALA LUMPUR  (Bernama) -- Having coexisted harmoniously for decades, the element of comradeship is well integrated into Malaysians.

This sense of fellowship did not only exist during the struggle for independence by this nation's founding fathers but has prevailed among the subsequent generations of Malaysians.

If truth be told, Malaysians do live in unity and are ever ready to lend a helping hand to one another, regardless of race and religion.